Enquiry to determine whether you want to receive the Covid vaccine?

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3 Mar 2021

The Department of Health requested the local pharmacy, healthChem, to advise on the number of vaccines that may be required within the Greater Midstream.

You are requested to advise whether you want to receive the vaccine by sending an email to the pharmacy at&nbsp;<a href="mailto:covid@healthchem.org">covid@healthchem.org</a>&nbsp;indicating:

1.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Your family/ surname;

2.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Your erf number;

3.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Number of adults (above 18 years) that would like to receive the vaccine and the ages of them.

Do take note that at this stage this is only a general enquiry by the Department of Health to gauge the interest and that it must not be regarded as a registration to receive the vaccine.

There is also no indication at this stage on when the vaccine will arrive or the cost involved - it seems as though this is merely an enquiry to obtain an early estimate on the number of vaccines required.

Message from healthChem - 3 March 2021